Four Decades of Console Manufacturing and Audiovisual Integration

Americon celebrates forty years of designing and manufacturing control room consoles for many types of clients. We provide a number of interchangeable lines of technical furniture to meet the needs of control rooms, emergency operation centers (EOCs), 911 police and fire dispatch centers, surveillance and security operations (SOCs), modular furniture and call centers. Not to be outdone by our superior manufacturing skills, Americon is also a nationally-recognized audiovisual integrator. We understand the synergy needed to blend our many talents for the benefit of our clients. The key to our success is our unique multi-faceted capabilities in control room design, technical furniture manufacturing and audio-visual design and integration. Our departments meet face to face to achieve the best possible solutions for every project. This collaborative approach speeds the process tremendously and circumvents many of the pitfalls that accompany multiple contractor scenarios. When you engage Americon, your life gets much easier because our team is your team.
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The Nation's Largest Command Center Showroom

Americon has created the largest and most comprehensive Command & Control "Technology Center" in the United States. Located at our headquarters in Camarillo, California, you can kick the tires of over 5,000 sq. feet of technical furniture including 911 sit/stand dispatch furniture, control room consoles, call center furniture, and emergency operation center furniture. See why we are better and participate in demonstrations of various video walls solutions, video conferencing, sound systems and control systems. See the latest in LCD video wall technology along DLP†rear projection. Experience our software driven Hiperwall solution that utilizes larger than life stacked 70" displays.†Most importantly, meet with one or more of our design staff to tailor solutions that fit your needs.

Our Technology Center is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. It affords you opportunities that you will never get by going to local installations that may not anwser all of your questions. Most people who come in with an idea of their needs, walk away with a completely different solution. We are capable of taking you from "concept to completion" in a very short period of time.

Flip-panel Furniture

A Greater Focus on Emergency Management

It's no secret that since 9/11, a greater focus on emergency management has emerged that commits more of the nationís resources to domestic preparedness and security. Each environment has addressable needs and Americon is at the forefront in bringing home high tech, cost-effective solutions to emergency management. Clearly, the escalating threats of terrorism inside our borders and uncontrollable natural disasters like earthquakes and weather events have exposed our interagency communication vulnerabilities. Americon satisfies the command and control, dispatch, and emergency management needs of government agencies along with those of national and multi-national corporations.

LCD Video Walls

Visionmaster Video Wall Solutions

For many years, we have offered a number of packaged video wall solutions that we market under the "Visionmaster" brand. As such, we supply video walls and other audiovisual solutions for many enviroments including control centers and multi-purpose conference rooms. "There is no project too large or too small". The large emergency operations center's needs are farely obvious. For local governments and some corporations, an emergency operations center would only be used during a major incident. These clients may not have the space or money to dedicate to a separate EOC. For them, converting a conference room into a multi-purpose room that can immediately become a full functioning emergency operation center is a great solution. We accomplish this combining flip-screen furniture from our "Communicator Series", a Visionmaster video wall, a discreet sound system and a control system that makes the room come alive. Many times we will include video-conferencing in the mix as the bridge between various organizations that are affected by an incident.

World Business Review
After 9/11, founder and president Bill Farah discusses emergency management with the late Secretary of State, Alexander Haig. In a segment for NBC's World Business Review, Bill explains Americon's turnkey approach to General Haig and Bruce Aikens, the president of The Emergency Management Association. His focus was on the way to shorten the time it takes to go from from concept to implementation in an emergency management center by bringing design, manufacturing, audiovisual integration and installation under one roof. Excerpts from this show can be viewed by clicking on General Haig's image
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