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Crosstalk Call Center Workstations

Freestanding Low-profile Crosstalk workstations offer the privacy and storage of cubicle-style systems furniture while maintaining line of sight communication between individuals call takers.
L-shape Crosstalk call center Workstations enhance communications between call takers

Line of Sight Communication

Crosstalk "L-shaped" workstations can be used to form bull pens, T-shapes and inward facing clusters. Cluster style call center furniture can be configured as three or four individuals per pod. Crosstalk workstations have many options including personal storage, adjustable sit/stand worksurfaces, monitor flip panels and personal environmental control systems. The unique styling of the Crosstalk slanted hood gives the feeling of spaciousness in an ordinarily cramped call-taker enviroment.

To learn more about "The Crosstalk Series" go to our Workstations Website.

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