Workplace Security

Design and Space Planning
Do you know what goes on when you're not there?
How many times have we heard that computer hardware has been stolen in the workplace after hours. In todayís office space, security has become one of the most important issues. In the typical open office environment, you will see monitors sitting out on desks with CPUs either on the floor or hanging on exposed slide out trays. In certain environments, anyone could have access to your computer when youíre away and copy data without your knowledge. It is important to go the extra mile to employ products and solutions that add a level of security to your work space. My first suggestion is administrative passwords, which won't stop the hacker, but will deter most people. In lieu of that, lockable computer storage cabinets can be integrated into furniture to secure hardware. These cabinets should have locks, an active exhaust and pullout metal shelves. In a world that is dominated by flat screen monitors, we developed a lockable flip-screen monitor panel.The popularity of all-in-one computers to save space has driven a lot of people to use flip-panels furniture. This feature can be found in many of Americonís products from modular office furniture to call center and emergency management furniture. When the panel is flipped down and locked, the workspace is secured and a smooth desktop becomes a handy work surface. When the panel is flipped up, the monitor is visible in an ergonomically designed well and immediately accessible. This feature in modular furniture is unique to Americon products. The final security device is lockable integrated storage pedestals, file drawers and above-counter storage. Security is not confined to protecting data. It also includes protecting personal property and creating a secure home away from home.
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