The Split-level Controversy

The Importance of Rear Access

Intuitive Engineering
Sometimes you just have to shake you head! Sit stand table In today’s round-the-clock dispatch centers; the ability for IT people to work on electronic equipment without disturbing day to day operations is pretty important. More and more we are seeing dispatch furniture, like the example to the right, that is surrounded by an acoustical panel system. The requirement is generally part of a specification written by table manufacturers who create split-level motorized systems that serve only one purpose and that’s to hold monitors, phones and keyboards. It’s obvious that they must have a way of hiding cables and the panel system that surrounds the table does just that. There is no provision for storing computers and other peripherals underneath these tables and cables are exposed to the floor. Separate adjoining storage cabinetry and/or electronics enclosures become a necessity but the panels still block rear access.

Americon sit stand console

Americon dispatch consoles, on the other hand, are robust and full-bodied workstations that do not have the exposed metal legs that are typically found in table style systems. Our base saves space and provides under the worksurface storage for CPUs and electronics equipment without impeding leg room. The base includes a segregated power and cable management system and hides the lifting motors. Equipment cables and power pass between levels in cable trains that protect and hide them from view. Unlike table systems, access into the storage base is provided immediately through fully finished hinge doors. Nothing to remove and then replace.

We attach our accoustical panels to the stationary portion of the worksurface so there is never a conflict with rear access to equipment or with the movable surface(s) that raise and lower with the flip of a momentary switch.

Rear Access to Dispatch Console

We include our “Versatrak” rail system that is embedded in the worksurface to facilitate the mounting of monitors arms, phone mounts, task lights and a number of other peripherals.

This integrated acoustical panel system comes in various heights and is obviously less expensive than a floor mounted full-height panel system would be. This system works equally well with both split-level and full worksurface lift models.

The rear access doors offer immediate access to the interior storage compartments so that IT people can add or replace equipment without interupting the calltaker. This is an obvious advantage over the need to remove the floor mounted panels that we see in typical table systems.

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