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Communicator Flip-Screen Multi-Purpose Furniture

Communicator flip-screen conference tables can be configured as a multi-purpose conference table. With just a flip of the screens, it can instantly convert a conference table into training room or an emergency operations center. It's a great tool for companies and state local governments when dedicated space for an EOC is at a premium or non-existent.
Omni control consoles have universal use in many environments

Large Emergency Management Centers

The Communicator is also suited for large emergency operations center where responders are grouped by classification. The ability to cluster workstatons and easily reconfigure them is essential. Flip-screen furniture is available in many configurations.
Flip-screen furniture for Emergency Operations Centers are both functional and cost effective

Flip Screen Furniture

Great for private sector, federal, state, county and local governments, as well as, military bases and anywhere that space is at a premium. Flip-screen furniture turns ordinary space into multi-functional space.
Flip-screen workstation for Emergency Management Center

Improves Line of Site Communication

Flip screen furniture lowers monitors into the worksurface in an ergonomically-designed well to enhance the line of sight communication in an emergency management center. Monitor screens can be turned down and securely locked in the closed position.

To the left is an emergency management center that shows the obvious benefit of line of site created by flip screens. We also strongly promote the use of flip panels in modular furniture and call centers.

The flip-screen option is another Americon accessory that can be put in linear workstations, modular furniture, concentric-arc furniture and call center clusters. Flip-screen linear workstations are available in lengths from three to eight feet. emergency management configurations.

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