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Multiple Disciplines - Our experienced staff of sales people, designers and integrators create a synergy that leads the client through the process and shortens the time from inception to completion. The ability for the customer to interface with a number of our departments without going outside is among our keys to our success. We offer a free initial assessment with drawings and a budget estimate to get the ball rolling towards acquisition.

Benefit of a Single Source - The advantage of dealing with a company who is a furniture manufacturer and also an audiovisual integrator puts you in a unique position that is not enjoyed by any of our competitor's customers. Obviously, the customer is the big winner when he doesn't have to rely on a company with a single field of expertise. We are a company who has over four decades of turnkey experience in a number of related fields. As a licensed contrator, it allows us to work with the client's electricians, HVAC contractors and many other trades in your behalf.

Furniture Design - Another big advantage comes from the fact that we manufacture so many lines of furniture and have a myriad of options and accessories that will personalize your workstations to fit your needs.

Audiovisual Design and Integration - Our audiovisual engineers can easily integrate larger than life video walls with control and sound systems to insure a full functioning turnkey system that is also cost-effective.

Space Planning - The grouping of staff in teams often provides the best option for inter-communication and/or supervision and is a key factor in office layout design. With over 6,000 installations under our belt, we are well versed in designing spaces where the relationship among people is important and the functional space still has to pass all local codes.

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