Steel Body Control Consoles

Tubular steel Frame Console System
The Ergonaut Series of control room consoles is the choice of those who feel that technical furniture should have metal frames and removable steel access doors. The individual frames are bolted together to create an environment that has no leg obstructions to restrict movement between sections. This open system allows cables to pass freely between sections through segregated cable management troughs. Stylish engraved end panels finish off the ends of each row. Our Ergonaut Series tubular steel frame consoles have many options and accessories that can be added to the basic system.

The OMNI-TRAK rail system eliminates the need for a slatwall

Monitor brackets mount directly to the OMNI-Trac rail system. Incorporated into the worksurface is a flush-mounted rail system for attaching brackets that fit all of the popular monitor arms, pole mounts and task lights. The brackets attach to the rail and are secured from the top which eliminates the need to crawl under the desk to install or reposition the mounting brackets. Simply position the bracket and tighten a couple of thumb screws and you’re done. A continuous grommet system is between the rails so monitor cables go directly into the CPU storage compartment below. The "OMNI-TRAK" rails go from end to end so adding sections continues the mounting rails without interruption.

To learn more about "The Ergonaut Series" go to our Workstations Website.

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