Our Control Room Furniture Catalog

We manufacture eight separate lines of furniture for control centers, fire and police dispatch, surveillance and security, emergency management operations, call centers, and audio-visual cabinets for conference rooms and multi-display video walls.

We also have a full line of options and complimentary additions that can be added to or integrated into our offerings.

Built to Achieve Results

Our company focuses on one thing above all else: delivering solutions that optimize your space. Whether you’re trying to serve a high-volume need for customer support or keep your community safe from potential threats, you deserve control room furniture that empowers you to achieve your mission more efficiently. With us on your side, you can do just that.

Every one of our exclusive lines incorporates our commitment to precision design and embodies our ever-expanding understanding of mission-critical needs in the industries and fields we serve. In short: we craft our solutions to enhance your team’s performance while encouraging a comfortable work environment. This is all part of our mission to do our best for you, so that you can do the same for the people who count on your work.

Integrated Control Room Console Furniture

In today’s tech-heavy world, you need furniture that keeps up with the demands of your other equipment. Rather than focusing on our desks and chairs alone, we proactively anticipate the challenges our customers face, the gear that they might employ to meet them, and how we can design effectively to accommodate both.

Our approach comes with proven results. For decades, we’ve been one of the leading manufacturers of technical furniture in North America. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a video control room or a dispatch headquarters--we have you covered.

Contact us for your free assessment and experience the difference our furniture can make. We proudly offer nationwide service.

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