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Custom Video Walls for Control Centers and Conference Rooms

For almost four decades, Americon has enjoyed national recognition as a audiovisual integrator. Under the guidance of its founder, it has become a leader in our industry. Our many years of experience in both furniture manufacturing and AV integration is the perfect marriage that created "Visionmaster". We have the largest Command and Control Showroom in the United States in Camarillo, California. We encourage all to take the time to come to our Technology Center, kick the tires, and see our wide-variety of video walls and other command center equipment in action.

Complete Audiovisual Integration
VISIONMASTER is the creation of the audiovisual department of Americon. Visionmaster video walls are standalone turnkey video wall solutions that mate an array of large displays and turns them into a single virtual palette. Unlike traditional video walls, we complete this package with freestanding custom cabinetry that includes equipment enclosures, storage shelves, cable management, power strips and an active exhaust system. Our casework eliminates the need to put a backboard on a wall to support the heavy LCD panels and creates a self-contained home for control systems, video wall processors, distribution amplifiers, CPUs, audio systems, and speakers. Our focus on efficiency allows us to create aesthetically pleasing and functional control room solutions for our customers. The custom casework manages all of the cables. Remote control software can be added to interface saved layouts over a network or through an optional touch pad control.

How does it work?

Our video walls can simultaneously display broadcast quality video, cameras, DVRs and computer generated video. Images can be placed anywhere on the virtual palette without concern that they line up with any individual display. A large number of layouts can be saved and later retrieved by just a keystroke or the use of a programmed touch panel. Our video walls are great monitoring tools for command and control centers of all types, multi-purpose conference rooms, training rooms, and surveillance offices. VISIONMASTER is expandable both vertically and horizontally. As you grow, it can grow with you. This truly versatile system can be ordered with various sizes and numbers of displays. We utilize the latest ultra-thin mullion LCD panels and high definition DLP rear-projection video cubes. We pick the right video processing based on the client's needs and pocket book.

Video Walls for Control Centers
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