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Commander Series Control Consoles

Single-tier Command and Control Room Consoles
Single-tier Commander Series control consoles have always been the mainstay for space agency operations control centers like this one at Jet Propulsions Labs in Pasadena, California. Bridge lighting, monitors behind sculptured faceplates and plenty of CPU storage are among the hallmarks of this Cassini Mission "State of the Art" control center.

Commander Control Consoles

Commander center consoles are enclosed modules that accept both equipment racks and sculptured monitor faceplates with optically-coated glass lenses. They include exhaust fans, cable management, power strips, adjustable glides and tubular-steel frames. Both front and rear access are standard with Commander Series Control Consoles.
Triple-tier Command Center Furniture and Control Consoles are equipped with EIA racks kits

Commander consoles are available as Single, double or triple-tier and in various lengths and depths. There are many options and accessories available. These consoles are still in use today in production control rooms at utility companies for their ability to rack mount equipment above the worksurface.

Americon has always created unique designs that far outpaced the capabilities of our competitors. Commander consoles are manufactured using the finished quality materials and each section is freestanding. Commander center consoles are manufactured with an open architecture TIG welded tubular steel frame that is powder-coated to eliminate corrosion.

Modules arrive on site assembled to the largest sections that can pass through a standard doorway. This speeds setup and minimizes the disruptions normally inherent with erector-set installations.

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