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911 Sit/Stand Dispatch Consoles

Omni Series consoles are appropriately named as a universal solution for many unique environments. Variations can be used in command centers, control rooms, fire and police dispatch, security and surveliiance environments and emergency management centers.
911 Sit/Stand Dispatch Consoles

Why We're Better

One of our specialties is designing dispatch workstations for emergency management centers like police, fire and ambulance Dispatch consoles - Sit/Stand Furniture
services. The OMNI workstation fills the bill nicely. Americon manufactures custom furniture for 911 dispatch centers and most call-taker environments. Since no two people are alike and budgets may vary, our dispatch workstations can be ordered with many integrated options. We also offer a number of ergonomic solutions for raising and lowering worksurfaces.

The main factors in determining which solutions you pick will come down to the number of monitors you have, how many CPUs will be stored in the workstation, will there me rack-mounted equipment housed, if you want drawers for storage and whether the whole worksurface raises and lowers or the keyboard surface moves independently of the monitor surface."Click" to see the many height adjustable options.

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