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Visionmaster Cabinets for Commander Centers

Visionmaster LCD Video Wall Cabinetry

Spectacular Looking and Versatile Video Cabinetry

We manufacture video wall cabinets for conference rooms, emergency management centers and control rooms. Each cabinet is custom tailored to fit the need and supports the monitor arrays from the floor. Although we also install wallmount monitor systems, our video wall cabinets include storage for CPUs, video wall processors, rack-mounted equipment, control systems and sound systems. Optional integrated speakers are also available.

DLP Video wall in Americon Technology Center

Functionality in a "State of the Art" Package

Video wall cabinets are both versatile and modular. They can be expanded both vertically and horizontally. Each stacked set of monitors has its own cabinet so at any time another monitor cabinet can be added to expand the video wall. All sections have pass-through grommets built into the end panels for easy cable management. Cabinets include front access, rear access to the wall behind and also connections in the floor. Ventilation fans, cable management and power strips are included for all of the equipment that is housed within. Before you ask, "yes, we can match the colors of our console furniture"

Boardroom Applications

Video conferencing cabinets with all the bells andVideo Conferencing Cabinetry in Americon Technology Center whistles for conference rooms are bolstered the fact that Americon is also a nationally-recognized audiovisual integrator who sells and installs professional videowalls under the "Visionmaster" brand. Our acredited engineering staff stay up on all of the latest technologies.

Electronics enclosures can be an integral part of video conferencing. The storage of the equipment in esthetically-pleasing cabinets saves a significant amount of usable space in a conference room. It also decreases the length of cables and centralizes all of the equipment. Our video cabinets also include storage for computers, codecs and other peripherals like distribution amplifiers and video switchers. Video wall cabinets can also include credenza style book shelves for manuals and other essentials.

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