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Custom Engraved Modular Furniture

Modular Furniture with engraved logos create corporate identity and promote teaming

Systems furniture is different from modular furniture. Systems furniture starts with walls to create a cubicle. It is reliant on this structure component to hang accessories like worksurfaces, shelving and above counter storage. Modular furniture on the other hand is freestanding and has integrated components. Modular furniture is considerably more substantial and self-supporting. Drawer pedestals, file cabinets, CPU storage, printer enclosures, articulating keyboard platforms and flipper door hutches with task lighting can all be integrated into the base system. All "Signature Series" modular furniture includes a segregated power and cable management system.

Note our ability to create engrave logos and chevrons that make us unique in our industry. Hence, the name "Signature". There are many other options available that can be integrated into the workstation along with supplying matching freestanding furniture like bookcases, printer stands, file cabinets and credenzas.

Low-profile modular furniture has many applications and promotes spaciality

Breaks the mold for collaberative furniture

"Crosstalk" hoods low-profile storage hoods are available for call centers and help desk environments where communication between individuals is important. These hoods create line-of-sight collaboration while maintaining the privacy that is normally only found in taller high-profile work areas.

What is not so obvious is the spatiality created by the angular hood. Aisle ways seem much wider than in a normally very crowded environment.

 Configurations for all "Signature Series" modular furniture can be symmetrical or non-symmetrical. They do not have to conform to the traditional 90 degree L-shape and can be U-shape, linear or have custom angles.

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