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The Linak Linear Actuator System
For many years, we have utilized the Linak sit-stand system in our split-level motorized dispatch workstations. Here, we will be talking about the digital readout system with its saved layouts in comparison to a dual switch system. Most all dispatch work station manufacturers utilize the digital switch so customers may not be aware of the pitfalls of using the digital system.
How the digital system works
Linak Digital Switch
The digital layout system can be programmed for three separate operators and each operator has three separate layouts that can move the monitor platform and keyboard work surfaces to preset positions. When the operator picks a layout, he holds down the switch until each platform moves to the preset. The surfaces move sequentially to their respective presets. There is no way to move the two work surfaces in unison. The way that this system works is that the rear work surface moves first and then the front worksurface moves only after rear surface reaches its preset. Consequently, if the operator pulls a monitor forward to a more favorable focal distance and forgets to push it back before changing layouts, there is the potential for the monitor to collide with the keyboard worksurface if the operator isn’t paying attention. This problem is especially true in call and dispatch centers where the call taker is more focused on the call rather than the position of the worksurfaces. The other problem is that the operator must first specify whether he is operator one, two or three. Then remember which layout is which and finally wait until both surfaces reach their designated positions. Given the amount of time it takes to go from sit to stand, we feel digital switching is not intuitive enough. For these reasons, it is our view that going from sitting to the standing position using the programmable digital switch can be distracting and potentially unsafe for both operator and equipment alike.
Our “Personal Workspace Manager” offers separate lift control switches for each worksurface.
Personal Environmental System
No two people are alike - When the dispatcher starts his or her day, the normal routine is to set up the workstation to meet personal preferences. Placing monitors at the right height, angle and focal distance along with setting the proper worksurface height are an extremely important part of the routine. The goal for going from sit to stand is to relieve the stress created by being in one position for extended periods of time. This process needs to be done without the dispatcher losing focus on the tasks at hand. Isn’t it obvious that this can only be done if everything remains relative when going from sit to stand? To have this happen both surfaces have to be capable of moving in unison in an uncomplicated and rapid manner. This is not something that the digital switch is capable of accomplishing since the movement of the surfaces is sequential. With the dual momentary switch system, simply holding both switches down together until the desired height is achieved will accomplish the task without any complications.

Although we continue to offer the programmable digital switch, we prefer and recommend the dual switch system which is much simpler, more intuitive and pretty much fool proof.

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